Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Winged Rummer

Ah, the Garden State!

Ripening cherry tomatoes

Last night DH woke me from a blissfully unaware slumber to inform me that it smelled like "God's toejams" outside and that the very whiffy odor was at its extreme whiffiest not in the Meadowlands, but around the Hoffman-La Roche plant. Me: Mmzzzhuh? Today there's not a trace of the bad smell and not a clue to its identity. Harmless, we hope.

Soleil is making progress, a consolation for strange midnight alarums and even for the scandals that continue to plague professional cycling. I love her pretty waist shaping – thanks, Brigitte, for the advice on length (be sure to have a look at her magnificent Jade Starmore Amphora).

Soleil waist shaping

I plan to finish the TdF KAL, but I've become fed up with the TdF – too many integrity issues in too many places for my taste.

Meanwhile, an inflammatory "rummer" was posted to the MS3 group and all hell broke loose.¹ No doubt because of my long familiarity with such things, I initially read the variant spelling of rumor as the comparative form of rum. Which may not apply to any one person individually, but one Internet conflagration later it is demonstrably true of the aggregate. Adquirit eundo [she gains strength as she goes].²

P.S. Please send healing thoughts to Lynn at NeedleCraftique (Exit 151). She shattered her upper arm in a freak fall in the parking lot. Surgery, a titanium rod, pins, staples, and six months of physical therapy are involved.

¹Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, Line 918, said by the Archangel Gabriel to fallen angel Lucifer.
²Vergil, Aeneid, Book IV, Line 175, attribute of the formidable monster Rumor.


dragon knitter said...

i got started again on my MS3, with smaller needles (they didn't have addi turbo lace needles in size 1 so i had to make do with regular addis (and i'm making do with trying to do the decreases with "el stumpos" as grumperina calls them, lol)). i'm up to row 45! (chart A still, lol)

Bezzie said...

Hm, I didn't notice anything funkalicious in the air the night before last, but thanks for the head's up. I will now be smelling Hoffman on the way home from picking up the kid!
Love your maters. Thought I was doing well with two or three tomatolings on each of my plants. Now I have tomato envy ;-)

Kim said...

Yummy looking tomatos! Gods toejam. Too funny. I'm going to use that one. Why wouldn't god have delicious smelling toejam? I'm going to be thinking about this all day!

Bridget said...

Now I know why I shouldn't read blogs at work ... I *really* want a tomato!!

MissyJoon said...

Those tomatoes with a bit of blsamic vinegar . . . and french bread---------yum!

Donna Lee said...

I finished my project for the tdf kal in time but I,too, got disgusted at all the issues coming up. Can't folks just compete with their innate talents and be happy with that? Obviously we are not all created physically equal and so what? To chemically enhance your body to win a race is beyond my comprehension. I missed the mystery stole until it was too late. Is it fun? The photos I have seen are beautiful.