Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bump in the Night

Happy Halloween! I'm looking forward to handing out lots of candy this evening and also to exasperating six-year-olds with my (not on purpose) bad costume guesses.

Halloween duckies

Oddly enough, I got these duckies at a Reformation Day supper (= at church, y'know, Ein' feste burg ist unser Gott, etc). They're supposed to glow in the dark. They don't. I checked.

In honor of the season, I started a Glampyre pattern, Bold and Bulky Mini Cardi (in Fitted Knits and also free online) in Malabrigo Aquarella, colorway 02 Soriano. I made pretty good progress – all that's left to knit is the right sleeve and the sleeve, neck, and button bands.

Aquarella cardi

Stefanie Japel's design is brilliant, the pattern is meticulously well-written, the photoset is great, I got gauge exactly, I love the shaping, and the sweater fits perfectly. But... the rakish silhouette makes me feel like an M.C. Hammer action figure, so I'm going to frog it. EEK!

ETA: Please send some knitterly love to Shonda, who lost her husband last night in an auto accident (not the one in her October 9 post and not what I had in mind when I titled this post).


Suburbaknitsta said...

lol you made coffee come out my nose with the MC hammer action figure... I just had to share that :) Happy Halloween

Ina said...

Heh. Too legit for me - I quit!

Kim said...

MC Hammer action figure! Sounds like a costume to me! Although it looks so wonderful! I'll bet it looks great. Hope you had tons of fun giving out candy!

Deborah said...

aw, too bad your little dickies don't glow anymore but, I'm sure, Marie Curie would be relieved...