Monday, October 22, 2007

Nothing to Show

Blogless Nancy, Katie, and I carpooled to Rhinebeck on Sunday and a grand time was had by all, except I have nothing to show for it. My digicam took some establishing shots, then stopped functioning. The batteries were freshly charged – maybe it was this sick jack-o-lantern photo that did it (courtesy students of the CIA).

Sick Jack

Sunday Blogger Bingo was congenially laid back.* I met, chatted with, and/or spotted quite a few squares, authors, and bloggers including (sorry, no pix): Alison, Ann and Kay, Anne, Clara, Jennifer, Jess, Jessica, Kristin, Risa, Mama Squid and Squidette (thanks for the spinning advice!), Stephanie in her Kauni, and Bingo center square Mel, whose handsewn kilt is a marvel.

The day was unseasonably warm, so warm that very few people could stand to wear their knit finery all day. It was a sadness – one of the best things about Rhinebeck is crisp weather = the chance for leaf-peeping and sweater-ogling. (The f-f-felted backpack did very well.) The goddess of knitting must be toying with us mortals – last year it was almost too cool for a sweater without a coat and I suspect some knitters prepared for this year by knitting heavy sweaters. Hm... wonder what will happen next year.

*How laid back was it? It was so laid back there was a fair selection of STR at The Fold. Perhaps it's a sign.


Calling on Kahlo said...

I didn't see you, oh well. The line seemed smaller at The Fold. It was beautiful weather!

--Deb said...

One of these years I need to try the more laid-back Sunday Rhinebeck. It's just . . . getting up for work the next morning has to be so HARD!! (grin)

knitseashore said...

I'm sorry I missed meeting you; we were there only on Saturday. Sunday is way more laid back!

Kim said...

I missed seeing you on Sunday. There was quite a bit of yarn left at The Fold on Sunday. Too bad about the camera.

CrazyFiberLady said...

I was terribly surprised by the existence of STR in the both even after lunch on Sunday. Not the greatest of selections, but still, more than last year!

Sunday is definitely the day to go!

Zarzuela said...

Did that pumpkin overdose on fiber or what?! ;) Good to see you this weekend. The backpack looked great!


JessaLu said...

Sunday was definitely calmer!!

I hope your camera starts working again. :o(