Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NaKniSweMoNorovember 20

This week's NaKniSweMoNorovember update is early because Thursday is a U.S. holiday, Thanksgiving, and the weekend is the beginning of The Holiday Season. [Insert exclamation of your choice.] The Rosedale cardi sleeves are finished and are waiting to be joined to the yoke.

Rosedale sleeves

Given the delightful idiosyncrasies of Kureyon, I felt certain the sleeves would vary considerably. Surprise! The color progressions unfolded with remarkable regularity without any tweaking from me and only began to differ above the elbow. Symmetry between the two sleeves is one thing; symmetry within one sleeve is another. I don't much like the repeat of the violet stripe on the upper sleeve or the cobalt blue stripe on the lower sleeve and have been pondering re-knitting them. I'll decide when I see how the body turns out.

The body, which is knit across its entire acreage width at once, has been slow going so far, but I still hope to finish in time (must knit faster!). I'm liking Amy Swenson's thoughtful, well-written pattern so much that I'm not going to modify it, except to custom-fit the length.

Rosedale corrugated ribbing

The weather this week has included a bit of everything, but the forecast looks favorable, so I'm thinking of starting the holiday weekend tomorrow with Inflation Night. The giant helium balloons for the Thanksgiving Day parade are lined up and inflated (and secured with sandbags!) the night before, a spectacle in its own right. I've seen the balloons deflate, both inadvertently and intentionally, but have never watched them inflate. Hm... let's hope the entire metro NYC region doesn't get the same idea.

Wishing you a happy, safe, and bountiful Thanksgiving!


Suburbaknitsta said...

sounds like fun. I would love to see the balloons inflate ... the floats I always see because the company that makes them is right by my house. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Bezzie said...

I've heard the inflation is way better than the parade...although we'll probably go next year.

I think the sleeves look good. A tad different, but not so much that it jumps out at you.

Kim said...

I love the sleeves the way they are. Trying to control Noro is like trying to control a cat. Possible, but aggravating. Enjoy the balloons. A friend of mine is a balloon wrangler in the parade every year. This year he has the Shrek balloon.