Monday, December 17, 2007


One of my favorite meditative practices is breath prayer, which can be applied in many ways. (This morning's: Monday mornings make me crabby. Mornings make me crabby. Make me crabby. Me crabby. Crabby.) Yesterday some neighborhood kids built this whimsical snowman, which some neighborhood adults let their dogs mark in the, erm, wee hours.

Marked snowman

When it's blustery, DH likes to wear a short scarf inside his coat and a long muffler outside it. This scarf in progress was started for someone else, but DH petted it, declared it good, and claimed it to wear on his commute. He says no one will recognize it. What do you think?

Scarf incognito


As long as Risa is displaying her singleton socks, here's three of mine. Each has a fiddly embellishment that I [cough] didn't write down.

Singleton socks

The plan is to finish the scarf before Christmas and the socks before year end. Crabby or not, it's good to have a plan.

ETA: Deb is running a survey (with prize). Click over to check it out!


Kim said...

Are you sure the snowman didn't do that? I hear incontinence is very common with smowmen. Your DH will be very easy to spot with that bright happy scarf.

Nancy said...

Your singleton socks are cute - I like the one in the middle - is that from Cat's new book?

You can feel the warmth of the scarf just by gazing at the intense colors.

And...guess what? I started a blog today! I'm :o)

CrazyFiberLady said...

Whew. glad I'm not alone in the collection of singleton socks. Hope you can figure out the fiddly bits without notes.

Um yeah, someone might just recognize the scarf.

Bezzie said...

Aww, poor snowman!

Nice mufflette. No one will see it's HP.

D said...

Thank you for your posts. I've got one more final this week and then I'll have some downtime for a couple of weeks. The good news is I've been dreading losing a client since I started this job, and I'm handling it much better than I thought I would!

I love those socks!