Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Over the weekend I went to check out the Hanne Falkenberg trunk show at Stix-n-Stitches – and noticed that Jamieson & Smith 2-ply jumper weight is on clearance – with the Ravelry discount, it's easy on the pocketbook. When it's gone, it's gone, so I bought some, went home and checked my Shetland stash, then returned twice (so far) and bought more. That recurring noise you may have noticed emanating from roundabout Exit 151 – me, snapping up a bargain.

Thus well-provisioned, I started test-knitting Toque, Yo!, a new Rosemary Hill design that calls for jumper weight. It's the hat she's wearing in her bio photo for Ice Queen and the first of this Wednesday's WIPs.

Toque, Yo! in progress

It's a snap to knit. I tend to find high-contrast mosaic patterns a bit vertiginous, so am using light gray and pale blue, reminiscent of a Ground Hog Day (Saturday) sky.

Speaking of inspiration, the hat was inspired by Hanne Falkenberg's first design, Tokyo, which by a happy synchronicity is included in the trunk show. It was great to see the Tokyo sample. Like all Hanne Falkenberg designs, it's beautiful, classic, and amazingly weightless.

The knot in the Kureyon Sock turned out to be the only one. I know, because I rewound the entire center pull skein in search of the correct place in the color sequence. There were three complete color repeats in the skein – for my size feet, enough for three good-sized identical socks, quite a good value. Tralala-ing has resumed.

Birch Leaf sock

The Mitten Swap mitten progressed backwards [sigh] and the week's spinning will go in the NaSpiMoMo wrap up tomorrow later next month end, so no snaps of either today. My fibery goals for next week:
  1. finish Toque, Yo!
  2. re-start the Mitten Swap mitten
  3. start a Fire project

InsteadProject Spectrum button of continuing with Wednesday WIPs, I've decided to tag along on Project Spectrum Elements, so the next WIP Wednesday will be the last (all together: Hooray!). PS1 made sense to me, PS2 didn't quite, and I'm back for PS3, which starts in February. This time there's a Ravelry group, too. The first theme is Fire (orange, red, pink) and I have just the thing in mind.


Romi said...

It's looking great! :)

Devorah said...

Glad you found a matching spot. That got scary *g* for a moment.

Mary in VA said...

Toque Yo is great in those subtle colors. Its making me look at the rest of my shetland oddballs in a new way!

Kim said...

Snap! Nice hat. Looking forward to some fire!

Deborah said...

I hate/love when people yell "yarn sale". Such a dilemma for me...

Hey, thanks for the project spectrum tip over on ravelry. I need all the help with colors that I can get.

Oh, and I do that with Noro, wind and unwind to check on repeats only I thought it was a neurosis, good to know that it is actually practical.

Jessica said...

*trying very hard to ignore the sale on shetland*

Glad the noro problem worked out! The hat is pretty cool. I've been wanting to try a mosaic patterned hat, just haven't quite gotten it on the needles yet...

Kristen said...

I've always admired those gorgeous but pricey HF kits.