Wednesday, January 23, 2008

That's Two

It's WIP Wednesday and I'm two outta three on last week's goals. I'm as caught up on bloggy stuff as I'm going to be and spinning is going well. But the Birch Leaf sock toe is in limbo.

Kureyon Sock toe detail

The leaf points are pretty, but by a Noro-esque perversity the toe just overlaps the color repeat for the entire sock. Which means if I finish the toe on the first sock, the second sock will have the same color sequence as the first, only offset somewhat. I wouldn't mind if the offset was none, a little, or a lot. But offset somewhat? Maddening! Horrible!

Color sequence

I'm going with a different flavor of madness: start the second sock without finishing the first, try to align their colors, and finish both toes at the same time. If that doesn't work, I'll try something else (tralala).

The January/February 2008 Piecework is awfully thin for the money, but I'm smitten with the cover Poetry Mittens by Veronica Patterson and Jane Fournier. I'm leaning toward a version for my Mitten Swap pal – borrowed the handsome mitten shaping from the Colonial New England mittens in Folk Mittens by Marcia Lewandowski, charted a pal-specific verse, and swatched a bit in the round (my own name, how immodest). But... I'm not sure everyone appreciates poetry.

Mitten chart

Next week is the last of NaSpiMoMo. My goals for the week are:
  1. spin some
  2. start swap mitten
  3. start Toque, Yo!

After two iterations of WIP Wednesdays, I'm finding I dislike it intensely. The imposed structure seems artificial, with little apparent benefit for the time consumed. I'll give it another couple tries. If there's no improvement, I'm going to let it go.


Kaye said...

Yeah I never really got into WIP Wednesday either. Maybe because I only ever have three going at a time. It's kind of boring that way.

I love your determination in sock colors.

Deborah said...

i adore those poetry mitts too but alas i've got thumb placement problems that i have to resolve first. can't wait to see what you cook up!

Kim said...

I chafe under too much blogging structure too. That is some Noro toe craziness going on! Good luck getting that toe to behave. The sock is gorgeous! I love the idea of the poetry mitts: There once was a man from Nantucket . . .

Tola said...

try knitting the second sock from the other end of the yarn. i did that in a similar situation and i enjoyed my fraternal twin socks. just a thought for you.

Ina said...

Tola: Thanks, that's Plan B.

Jessica said...

I need to find that issue of Piecework... looks interesting. Love the noro socks. Hope the color stuff works out for you! I can't believe NaSpiMoMo is almost over!!