Monday, February 4, 2008

Pretty Special Monday

This morning's snow, while not enough to merit French toast, nonetheless left me with the giddy conviction that surely the day between Super Bowl Sunday (Go Giants!) and Super Duper Tuesday (GOTV!) must be pretty special, too. Sure enough, Margene hath cried REDUX!, and therefore NaSpiMoMo shall spin some more, Macbeth shall spin some more (and the wrap up post is postponed even further).

(??) Er, anyway, next on the spindle...

Rainbow BFL

... some Blue Face Leicester roving dyed by Sandy, the Twisted Mom of The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, a swap gift from my generous Yarn Aboard 2 pal Lisa. It's magnificently dyed, the most vividly colored stuff I've attempted, the attenuated fiber no less brilliant than the compressed roving. I'm fairly certain I understand how the colors will work when plied, except for the chrome yellow. Should be interesting.

Last week Deb kindly bestowed a Make My Day Award on this blog – thanks, Deb! I don't usually participate in memes, so let me acknowledge the token of esteem, note the "rules," and leave it to others to enjoy however they see fit.
Give the award to 10 people whose blogsMake My Day Award bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.

The results of my Mitten Swap poll convinced me to scrap the poetry mittens. (Pity, they would have been fun to show off on Poetry Day.) After a bit of swatching, I started Maimu's Mittens by Nancy Bush, in Folk Knitting in Estonia, which have two notable embellishments on the cuffs: two-color vikkel braids and wrapped nupps, formed over two stitches. (I'll try for a better photo on a brighter day.)

Maimu's Mittens

Since it's a swap mitten, I went with Rowan Scottish Tweed 4-ply in MC 013 Claret (red with purple nubs) and CC 016 Thistle (purple with red nubs). The yarn is much softer than most Shetland yarns, but still has the stickiness so desirable for stranded colorwork. I hope my pal likes the mittens.

New Jersey is among the Super Duper Tuesday states – its Presidential Primary ElectionVote is tomorrow. "Election" is something of a misnomer – voters are selecting the delegates to the national convention, who will choose the party's nominee. Even given the convoluted process, every vote matters! In NJ, polls are open 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Nancy said...

What vivid, bold and blazing colors! I'm curious to see it spun up.

Alotta.knittin said...

That roving is surely something else! Can't wait to see it spun. The mittens...looking forward to seeing more of them. And want to add that I did my civic duty and voted at 8 this morning. It really does make me proud to vote.

Bezzie said...

Can't wait to see that spun. I have no concept of how it will look.

And can I say that I *love* that NJ's polls are open so late? We never had that in MI and it always meant at least a 45 minute wait in line as you rushed to the polls after work or prayed the line would be short so you could go before work/during lunch and still make it to work in time.

Kim said...

That roving is so happy & loud! Love it. It will be interesting to see how it spins up. I'll be voting after work today.

Deborah said...

say, who does one have #&%* to be a super delegate?? Don't you just love democracy?

Ina said...

Deborah: Super delegates tend to be high party officials - typically governors, big city mayors, and party chairs. Their endorsements are extremely important to a candidate. Anyone who pretends otherwise is, well, pretending.