Thursday, July 10, 2008

I is for Intermediate Sprint!

I is for intermediate sprint!I is for intermediate sprint! I'm still woefully behind* in the ABC-Along, but the Tour de France KAL is sponsoring a sprint – my chance to catch up a little and to show off my rudimentary French. Or put another way (and in italics, of course):

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Jersey Knitter. C'est un jeu de mots: je suis une tricoteuse du New Jersey et je tricote des «jerseys». Mon projet pour Le Tour est un châle par Odile Buatois-Brand, Shetsoie (modèle gratuit en français – et en anglais). Je l'ai choisi parce que je l'aime et il est français. Ça suffit pour moi. Je l'ai commencé tard, mais il a atteint l'étape de la étendue vaste au point mousse!** J'ai fini la grille 2, mais voudrais un plus grand châle. Ainsi je tricote plus de répétitions avant de commencer la grille 3.

Comment faites-vous pour dire «tralala»?

Edited to add:

Scroll down for translation...

G'day! I'm called Jersey Knitter. That's a play on words: I'm a knitter from New Jersey and I knit jerseys [in French, "jersey" can mean stockinette stitch or a fine knit fabric, but usually doesn't refer to garments]. My Tour de France project is a shawl by Odile Buatois-Brand, Shetsoie (free pattern available in French – and English). I chose it because I love it and it's French. That's enough for me. I started it late, but it's reached the vast expanse o' garter stitch stage. I've finished chart 2, but want a bigger shawl. So I'm knitting more repeats before starting chart 3.

How do you say "Tralala"?

*Diligent ABC-Alongers are up to N.
**The vast expanse o' garter stitch stage. At least I hope that's what it means.


Bezzie said...

Como say what now? ;-)

Kelli Simone said...

I am breaking out in hives thinking of Sister Marie my French teacher and guidance counselor...Very impressive. ~ksp

Jessica said...

What bezzie said. ;)

Kim said...

I understood more of the French than I expected. Comment cher la dentifrice? Ou se trouve un bon bistro? Je suis a la piscine (I wish).
I'm not such a diligent ABC Alonger. I have to do M is for

Devorah said...

Gee, I almost understood most of that! Good luck with all of the garter stitch!

Purlrose said...

Very brave to write in French, the expanse of garter stitch sounds almost attractive in translation. I think I will use your phrase in future.

Good luck in the sprint!