Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Round One

Alert the media – my Tropical Mer-tini socks are finished! Not only do Rutgers women advance to the Sweet Sixteen, I advance to the next round of Sock Madness. Go Rutgers, yay me!

Tropical Mer-tini socks

When first off the needles, the socks were very compressed both vertically and horizontally. I frogged the toes and added an extra half-inch of stockinette st and also lightly blocked the socks, which helped them relax a little. But alas, the fit is still unpleasantly tight on my Frankenfeet – it's not so much the foot length as the heel arch. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the unusual afterthought flap heel has less ease than either a standard afterthought heel or a short-row heel (and much less ease than a standard flap heel). For me it's an ill-fitting novelty, but it could be useful to someone with a shallow and narrow heel.

Tropical Mer-tini socks

A cocktail recipe came with the pattern, but I lack the necessary to mix it. According to "Your Signature Cocktail," that's telling; not to mention apparently Jimmy Fallon needs to drink a more manly drink. Yeesh, oh-so-serious! It's only round one – don't judge me by my drink choices, not least if I choose not to indulge.

Edited to add another photo for Craftivore (see her comment below). One reason the Tropical Mer-tini socks knit up so quickly is they're anklets, which may not be apparent when they're seen without a visual reference, but becomes obvious when compared with a calf-length sock like Kaibashira.

Kaibashira and Tropical Mer-tini

Another reason is I've made a conscious decision to fight Wollmeise Syndrome. Rawr!!


craftivore said...

Fallon likes Bud Light with lime? ick. The socks look great and so so fast, how do you do it?

CrazyFiberLady said...

Congrats on making it to the next round. Love the socks.

Go RU!

Punky said...

Punky here

Ina How My I get a copy of your wonderful Meadowlands sock pattern?

Idea - If you used the same yarn for one offs, then you could wear them as a pair; and, have 2 pretty feet to look at.

Go Heels!