Saturday, April 4, 2009


My April Fool's Day was je ne sais quoi – Capra-esque? Fellini-esque? La Grande Illusion-esque? – too-too like a stinging social satire movie. All the email alerts I was sure were practical jokes turned out to be true and vice versa. DOJ really has dropped all charges against Ted Stevens for procedural reasons. Rush Limbaugh is so not keynoting at the Mobilization to End Poverty conference. Knitknack really is having a 70% off sale. The sad crown to the day: it's true that Modern Yarn is closing its doors on June 1st. That means one less LYS within bicycling distance and the end of MY SnB. It's enough to make one want to yell, "CUT!"

In a further twist of irony, MY SnB was recently featured on the CBS Early Show:

Or view here

Perhaps it's appropriate that the segment is on knitting and memory. Ah, the knitting! Ah, the memories! Ah!

What's a knitter to do? Knit on, of course. I'm making socks of lamentation in half-mourning hues out of Panda Wool, a yarn I love but which taught me the fear of f-f-felting (CPY is replacing it with Panda Wool Superwash). The pattern is Running With Scissors by Phyll Lagerman, an underappreciated gem for Sockdown! .

Running with Scissors

See the emerging motif? The pattern only gives right-handed shears, but I'm going to put left-handed shears on the second sock, because knitters can. Plus the new Sock Madness pattern has been released, so I'd better get knitting if I'm to make the cut.

With those bits of knitterly virtuosity and defiance, the quest [brass fanfare!] for a new SnB begins! My desiderata are few – a convenient time, congenial company, and reasonable proximity (= bicycling distance) – suggestions are welcome.


Bezzie said...

That's a bummer! I had only been to MY once. Very crowded.
Stix has a Thursday night SnB if I'm not mistaken and is just down the way from MY. Of course Thursday nights are the worst for me to get out--so I can't confirm that.

And here I htought it was the late nights and baby sucking my memory away--maybe its the lace of knitting I've been doing! Ha ha!

Nancy said...

I comforted myself the day after the last SnB by eating all the extra Pocky you gave me...sniff, sniff. I'm very sad that they're closing :o(

Cindy G said...

Ow! Loosing SnB is a real bummer. Half mourning seems appropriate, although after all that running with shears sounds, um, risky.

craftivore said...

Bummer about MY. I always wished I could be there with y'all.

CrazyFiberLady said...

I'm seriously bummed myself. I'm glad I was able to be there for the last SnB, albeit far too briefly. Darn parents. We definitely need to have another SnB as the group was far more than just the location.

I noted that twist of irony as CBS finally aired the spot. Alas.