Monday, May 11, 2009

Yarny Goodness

Courtesy of PJB and her blog anniversary contest, I got me some yarny goodness: two skeins of Kolláge Luscious, a new-to-me cotton blend sock yarn. Happy blogoversary, PJB, and thank you!

Blog contest loot

Cotton sock yarns are often very tightly spun and knit up into a firm, crisp fabric; Luscious in the skein is soft and loosely plied (= splitty), rather like Tofutsies. I anticipate that with care it will knit up into a soft and pleasantly drapey fabric. For those who don't indulge, Luscious is advertised as wool-free.

By a happy synchronicity, I bought a set of Kolláge square dpns at MDS&W. They're currently occupied by a cycling anklet, but it'll be a fun Summer of Socks 2009 project to try Kolláge needles with Kolláge yarn.

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Anonymous said...

Neat! I am happy to see it in its new homw