Saturday, June 13, 2009


Happy Worldwide Knit in Public Day, old calendar! Today I'm knitting on the road, which hopefully will afford many opportunities to participate in the SKA Second Annual WWKIP Day Scavenger Hunt.

SKA Scavenger Hunt banner

Things are a bit hectic, but I hope to post pictorial evidence of KIPing as soon as I can get some computer time. In the meantime, here's another singleton cycling sock, worked in ONline Supersocke 100 Holiday Color 998.

Red stripe cycling sock singleton

Keep on KIPing!

ETA: Despite a promising start, it turned out that my WWKIP Day, old calendar, was spent at the conference from hell. KIPing occurred, but there is no pictorial evidence. When one makes good an escape from the conference from hell, one gits without looking back and without taking scavenger hunt pix.

My WWKIP Day, new calendar, was also spent on the road, literally, so there was no KIPing that day, alas.


Kaye said...

I was actually kind of bummed that there didn't seem to be as many WWKIP events as there were last year--guess I wasn't looking in the right place!

Anonymous said...

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craftivore said...

I think this sock goes perfectly with the green one, wear them together!