Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Take a Moment

This evening I'm participating in the third Worldwide Moment, a nonprofit photography project to document what one is doing at 09/09/09 +09GMT 09:09. Roundabout Exit 151 that translates into September 8, 2009 at 8:09 p.m. EDT (click for FAQs and your time zone). Wouldn't ya know it, I'll be at a meeting, trying to save the planet.

Horcrux sock and Serena Williams

In the meantime, here's some moments from the holiday weekend. On Friday DH and I went to the U.S. Open. Because every sock deserves an adventure, I brought Molly's happy Horcrux Sock. Above is a bad photo of sock and second-seed Serena Williams taken from our usual center court nosebleed seats. Williams had a surprising amount of trouble defeating her opponent, Maria Martinez-Sanchez, who played the net superbly. The rallies were so exciting I started knitting faster and faster!

Maria Martinez-Sanchez at the net

Thanks to the first-come, first-seated rule in the other courts, we got to watch part of the epic match between Ivan Navarro and Taylor Dent from courtside (it started at dinnertime and lasted over 4 hours; we got tired and hungry, and left). A year ago Dent was in a full body cast following spine surgery, today he has a monster serve which regularly clocks in at over 140 mph (225 kph). This one was 146 mph (235 kph), it says so on the serve speed monitor. When the ball would hit the back of the court, the noise was so extraordinary that spectators would laugh a tad nervously, then cheer.

Taylor Dent

My digicam got cranky, so I didn't get any pix of the Unisphere (sigh), but I did finally get a decent photo of a sight that never fails to make me smile, fans eagerly holding out giant tennis balls for autographs – in this case, to Li Na (in the fuschia top, partly obscured by ball boys and girls).

Li Na signing giant tennis balls

Let's hope my digicam is cooperative this evening!


Bezzie said...

Oops. Missed the moment by nearly 50 minutes!

I kind of like your nosebleed seats. I would think that would be better for watching tennis, no?

dragon knitter said...

i missed it, too! i was hemming jacket sleeves at school.