Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tabi or Not Tabi

Roundabout Exit 151 the main effect of the ginormous weekend snowstorm has been overcast skies and a perpetual feeling it's about to snow, but there's been no snow so far. Which is making me restless and irritable. Happily, knitting is good for what ails one.

For February Sockdown, I started Split-Toe Sweethearts by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, an underappreciated pattern in Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn. Following the pattern as written yielded a toe that is too big for me.

Too big

So I did some maths and some re-knitting and eventually cranked out a pair of tabi toes. I did two now lest I forget what I did. Not that it made much difference – I accidentally made two left feet.

Two toes

At this point the toes are theoretically reversible – it's not until the heel that left and right are irrevocably set – so I just flipped one over to get a right foot. The flipped-left-now-right sock is not quite as pretty as the left, but knitting right would make me crabby it will serve and that's good enough for a snowless Saturday afternoon.

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Bezzie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one cranky by the lack of snow. I've declared a commenting ban on blogs boasting snowfall. I figure if I can't say anything nice... ;-)

I can't wait to see your crab toe socks done. Looks like you'll finish them at the same time? No sock of shame?