Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saturday on Park

On Saturday, DH and I pedaled off to NYC to bike on Park Avenue and other streets car-free as part of the Summer Streets program. As last year, the high point literally and figuratively was the two-story high elevated drive around Grand Central Terminal, usually accessible to cars only.

Perched next to the drive were three public dumpster pools, the hot new thing this hot summer.

Dumpster pools

There even were cabanas to change in, striped ones, of course.


Because every sock deserves an adventure, I took the Piscean singleton to Bethesda Fountain, the heart of Central Park.

Piscean Sock at Bethesda Fountain

After a bit more pedaling, we enjoyed lunch at a favorite spot, Bistro Cassis on Columbus Avenue. DH always gets mussels, which come in a clever hammered copper bivalve dish. Then we wended our way home.

Once home, it occurred to me while resizing photos that I still have water and fish on the brain from watching The End of the Line, a beautifully photographed, powerful documentary on overfishing.

Or view here

It turns out there aren't plenty of fish in the sea – some species are so badly overfished that some fisheries have collapsed. Monterey Bay Aquarium has an online seafood watch and handy pocket guides, mobile guides, and an iPhone app to help informed consumers avoid endangered species or species with high mercury content. Have a look!


Bezzie said...

I've heard of this. Fish advocates are actually advocating we consume farmed fish. Whodathunk it?

Ina said...

Make that sustainably farmed fish, some fish farms are real horrors. ;)