Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sporting Life

Today is the Superbowl and instead of celebrating the brawny heroes of American football I'm thinking about a New York Times article on the flashy socks worn by tech entrepreneurs. Who knew? Some of the socks in the accompanying slide show are seemingly so ill-fitting, they make my hair stand on end – that aside, bright stripes would seem to be favored, and by chance I have a half a sporty pair to show off.

Wimbledon cycling socks

This is a modified version of Wimbledon, a warm up pattern for Sock Madness 6. As its name suggests, the original design is a pompom tennis footie. But my sport is bicycling and I need a deeper heel than given in the pattern, so I substituted a flap heel, lengthened the leg, omitted the pompom, and moved the button to a location less likely to catch on bike gears or panniers. I like the way the MC yarn (which by itself looks dusty) sparkles in the Wimbledon stripe pattern.

Meanwhile, the federal investigation of Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France champion and cancer charity founder, concluded with no charges filed. By contrast, the most recent debacle engulfing the Susan G. Komen Foundation would seem to have left everyone mad and no one happy, an undoubted hazard of playing in the big leagues.

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