Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pink Alert

This afternoon DH and I went to Branch Brook Park, affectionately known as Cherryblossomland, to check bloom conditions. It's two and a half weeks earlier than last year's reconnoiter and many of the early bloomers are fully blown, even dropping petals.

Early bloomers

Not to worry, the main bloom has yet to arrive – most of the trees are still budding. See, the sign says so. Or see a live view via Cherry Blossom Cam.


Happy as that is for hanami, I'm disquieted by this freakishly warm weather and wonder what it may mean for this summer and beyond. The bad is easy to imagine: a scorching summer with more bugs,Harvesting Color by Rebecca Burgess more power failures, and either miserable humidity or miserable drought. Sigh.

On the other hand, maybe a longer growing season means this year I'll finally get long-season melons to grow to maturity or even manage a dye garden. I have to admit, Harvesting Color by Rebecca Burgess is quite inspirational. Hm....


Kaye said...

Pink alert indeed! When I was delivering at Clara Maass--which of course overlooks Branchbrook, I couldn't get over the fact they're already starting to bloom!!!

knitarooooo said...

I was wondering if there was bloom activity at Branch Brook!

A dyers garden sounds wonderful!