Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One Guess

As part of my never-ending quest for not-plastic project bags, I started a bottom-up Jamaica Pouch by Sandra Clockedile in Sugar 'n Cream Stripes, #21223 Mod Stripes. All was progressing nicely – tralala – until the turning round. See the problem? No? The purl bumps on the turning round are three-quarters white, one-quarter blue. I tried to ignore it, I knit for an inch beyond it, but it started bugging me. ::sigh::

Bottom of Jamaica Pouch

The pouch has different stitch patterns on its bottom and sides. The bottom pattern repeats six times and the side pattern is a multiple of six, which are not the same thing. The maths work out so it's possible to frog the bottom back one round to have enough white to work a uniform turning round except that throws off the elegant correspondence the designer made in the pattern between six reps and m6. That bugs me too. ::sigh::

Hm, what to do?

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