Tuesday, June 19, 2012


While mowing the lawn over the weekend, DH noticed a beautiful Eastern box turtle burrowed among our potted herbs. It never fails to amaze me how brilliantly colored box turtles are – DH thought it was a child's toy at first. We decided not to disturb her further – cleaning up the weeds habitat can wait – although (of course) I did take a picture of her with my current SIP, Snowdrop Sock by Janine Le Cras.

Snowdrop and box turtle

This is the second box turtle we've spotted in the backyard. It's much smaller than the first one. Although not a federally listed endangered species, box turtles are becoming rare in New Jersey and are a Species of Special Concern – they may not be collected from the wild, bought or sold, or kept as pets. Hm. Apparently we have a turtle habitat in our backyard.

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Kristen said...

I'm glad the turtle wasn't mowed over! I wonder if it is the same one as before?