Friday, June 29, 2012

No Fussing

On the second day of the second heatwave of June, it's too hot to fuss. So, briefly, I have socks to show off: Earl Grey by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, worked in Forbidden Woolery Greed, colorway Lump of Coal. They were designed as mansocks, but I modified them to fit my Frankenfeet, tweaked the ribbing, and added clocks. It was somewhat uncomfortable posing, but I think that means they will prove to be warm, hard-working carbon footprint socks.

Earl Grey socks

And I have fiber to show off: Zarzuela's Fibers SW Blue Face Leicester, colorway Vishuddha Blue. The plan is to spin it into sock yarn during the Tour de Fleece, which begins tomorrow, and (if successful) to knit it into socks during the second or third month of the Summer of Socks.

Zarzuela's Fibers BFL, Vishuddha Blue

Meanwhile, the Moderators That Be revealed the new name of the Ravelry event: the Ravellenic Games. I like the nod to Western classical antiquity and the inferred etymology – surely Ravellenic implies the existence of Ravellas, a long-lost nation of crafters, as mysterious and compelling as Atlantis, reunited in the Internet age as Ravelry. And perhaps also implied is the existence of ravelas, an exclamation of sorrow made when frogging (cf. helas, Hellas).

Also, yesterday SCOTUS upheld most of the Affordable Care Act, whereupon CNN, Fox News, Sen. Rand Paul, and others made asses of themselves. If you want to fuss, discuss amongst yerselves.

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