Friday, July 6, 2012


The cycling sock singleton is finished, but I feel strangely dissatisfied. Maybe it's the continued heat, maybe not.


I like the new short row heel, with its vestigial heel flap and gusset. The fit is greatly improved over a garden variety short row heel, although a full flap and gusset still seems best for me.

Short row heel with vestigial heel flap and gusset

I also like the short row toe and zigzag bind off. As a plus, the photo managed to capture a hint of the Tencel sheen of the two yarns.

Short row toe with zigzag bind off

For all that, somehow the more I look at the singleton as a whole, the less I like it. Next steps included a lifeline and a pair of shears.

Singleton and shears

In the course of knitty events, it sometimes becomes necessary to separate a cuff from its sock. Put another way, "Off with its cuff!"


What to do with the de-cuffinated sock? A simple rib, a full-twisting Latvian cuff, something else? To be continued....

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