Thursday, August 2, 2012


As long as I had the dedicated fiber pot out, I finished some more yarn. These skeins were spun over a period of time from a beautiful and seemingly interminable braid of Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop roving, colorway Blue Suede Shoes. Rather by accident, they span a decent color gradient.

Sock Hop yarn

I can see my spinning progress in these skeins. This isn't all of what I've spun and plied from the braid, but some skeins are so very different from these – and from how I'm spinning now – that when I compared it all to what I just finished for TdF it seemed best to finish this batch and re-set the counter. It's a milestone of sorts and I'm oddly gratified. Dunno what I'm going to make with this yarn just yet, but there's 367 yds (335 m) total.

Meanwhile, I've been working on my first Ravellenic Games project, Lotus Heart Socks by Gina House. Knitting for real (as opposed to swatching) posed a few difficulties, but after an inordinate amount of frogging, I finally knit a cuff that fit properly. The differences in gauge between the leaf lace, the garter stitch border, and the slip stitch edge make the cuff want to ruffle, twisting S.


Once I figured out how to knit a cuff that accommodates my athletic legs and Frankenfeet, I knit a mirror image cuff, because knitters can. (Sorry about the lousy pix, it's been raining.)

Mirror image cuff

I'm pleased my handspun withstood all the abuse. Speaking of abuse, would-be knitting police take note: the provisional cast on is green for the practice swatch, red for reals. No throwing matches, doping whispers, questionable umpiring, or international gaffe-fests here!

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