Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn Splendor

Behold, fiery silk hankies from Zarzuela's Fibers, a Summer of Socks prize! Sweet!


I’ve never spun silk before, which is said to dye like animal fiber, spin like plant fiber. The hankies are indeed lustrous, brilliantly colored, marvelously light and thin, and crimp-less. They stick to everything, particularly my un-exfoliated hands (oops). Perhaps snag on or grab on everything is more precise – the "stickyness"Summer of Socks button is not like glue or syrup, it's more like suede or Velcro. Anyway, I foresee many happy hours of exploration and play ahead.

Speaking of the hour, the equinox has come and gone, the cross quarter day approaches, and I have yet to post an SOS wrap up (oops). Given all the busy-ness here, a full wrap isn't going to happen; a quick encore presentation of FOs will have to do instead. So, reprising: Padma Cycling Socks, handspun Lotus Heart Socks, and handspun Simple Skyp Socks.

Padma Cycling Socks Lotus Heart Socks Simple Skyp Socks

However rushed this post, let me not fail to express my gratitude to the founder of Summer of Socks, Jessica, and to her co-moderators, Annie and Cookie. I had a great time knitting along this year – thanks to them and see you next summer!

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