Thursday, May 2, 2013


A quick canvas of area yarn shops for more Taiyo colorway 18 came up empty (other than some unproductive carping, eyeroll). So I used colorway 23 from stash for the ribbing. Colorway 18 has some wintry tones amid its spring brights, which makes me hope the addition of 23's ultramarine tones isn't too jarring. Sometimes with Noro it can be difficult to tell.

Temporarily off the needles

The ribbing gave me lots of practice with a new-to-me 2x2 rib bind off from Cast On, Bind Off by Cap Sease. I quite like it. The book is a must-have, it you have any liking of knitting technique.

Enough yarn?

On to the (short) sleeves! I plan to be at MDS&W on Saturday. Tomorrow is my travel day = knitting time. Above is what I have left of colorway 18, with colorway 23 and some mystery leftovers. Think I'll make it?

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