Thursday, August 14, 2014

Belated TdF Wrap

Did I say things had calmed down a bit roundabout Exit 151? I eat my words. Not unlike this year's Tour de France, my Tour de Fleece was full of unexpected developments.Tour de Fleece button While that meant a Did Not Finish for some, at least I finished a few things... perhaps less than I'd hoped, but in retrospect a decent amount for a slow spindle spinner and distracted sock knitter.

First up, there's one skein of S-spun, Z-plied ecru Gale's Art BFL, intended for Tvåändsstickning. I'd hoped to have more, but oh well, I put what I had in the pot.

Finishing ecru BFL

After its bath and thwacking, the skein was 240 yds (219 m) of kinks. I've never had that happen before. Someone on Team Madness suggested I may have been inconsistent in the direction of spinning. I've looked at the skein closely and don't think that's the case. Could it be stress-related? Dunno. I still think the yarn is delightful.

Ecru BFL skein

I had a skein of Gale's Art Polwarth sitting around from last spring, so I gave it a bath as well. I suppose it's indicative of the continuing chaos hic et ubique that there simply hasn't been time to finish something so lovely.

Finishing Polwarth

The Polwarth was 183 yds (167 m) after bath and thwacking. It's a little kinky in spots too, although not nearly as much as my more recent spinning. Huh.

Sweetness and Light Polwarth

During the TdF I finally finished a pair of socks from last year's Sock Madness, Bricks and Tiles. Having been a Singleton Sock of Shame, the pair deserves a post of their own, I think. Although having already put off the post once before, I also think they deserve a FO photo here.

Bricks and Tiles Socks FO

After so much messiness, yesterday I received a surprise in the mail. Ooh!


It turned out to be a Team Madness prize from Leslie Comstock, a Mali bead spindle with a bit of Sally Fox' brown cotton sliver.
Bead spindle and brown cotton sliver

Thank you, Leslie! I can't wait to give it a spin. Erm, maybe this weekend, when I have more time. Sigh.

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