Friday, October 17, 2014

Post Factum: Socks

I'm playing catch up yet again. So much time has slipped by and so many half-written posts have accumulated that it might make sense to discard the past and restart with a fresh slate. Except I don't want to do that, which means I have a problem of my own making. Right. Onward.

Referring back to ::cough:: July, during the TdF I finished a Singleton Sock of Shame leftover from last year's Sock Madness, Bricks and Tiles by Anita Grahn. It's the third Sock of Shame pair completed this year.

Bricks and Tiles Socks, modeled

One reason I've persisted in blogging these socks I love their pretty purl welts. Another is their interesting modified afterthought heel, here shown zipped.

Afterthought heel, zipped

Ordinarily afterthought heels don't fit my Frankenfeet very well. However, this one increases the number of stitches on the sole, as can be seen by comparing the number of stitches on the leg needle with the number of stitches on the sole needle in the unzipped photo of the heel. For reasons that escape me, this pic best captures the sock color.

Afterthought heel, unzipped

The extra sole stitches are decreased by means of a sole gusset. I don't much care for decreases on the sole of a sock, but I have to admit this heel is pretty clever.

Bricks and Tiles FO

Although it is rather funny-looking, at least to my eyes. I'm so accustomed to both the fit and the esthetics of a flap heel and gusset sock that I think I'll stick to that, but I'm glad I tried something new. Were I to re-visit this pattern, I might try a single-color version with a traditional heel.

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