Monday, November 17, 2014


Over the weekend DH and I visited Winterthur, a former du Pont estate turned museum. DH likes visiting Winterthur; I can take it or leave it. It's a beautiful place to be sure, but I've frequently felt a disdainful chill from the often unhelpful staff, as if they resent the visitors whose admission fees pay the upkeep. It was no surprise that although we came to gawp at were attracted by the exhibit of costumes from Downton Abbey, I ended up liking other exhibits of historical items more. Although it was fun to ring a pull bell and to see Sybil's harem frock in person.

Harem frock from Downton Abbey

The vast permanent collection of the museum is focused on Americana, including quilts and samplers. Inspired by the humbler items, I crocheted up some Cream Circles to use as hotpads. My version, in Lily Sugar 'n Cream, is smaller and lacks the scalloped edge of the pattern.

Cream Circle hotpads

It's always well to have a stack of new hotpads ready for the feasting season.

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