Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lag and Jetlag

Once again I'm behind in my blogging. Not to mention today is Spring Forward Day in the U.S. Gentle readers, please to forgive my greater than usual lack of enthusiasm for this tortuous custom. Having taken the red eye from LA, my eyes are duly red and I have no idea what time it is. One manifestation of my chronological confusion: on the plane I spent an inordinate amount of time puzzling over what marketing genius named this snack box "sonp" and what deep import that might have. What is sonp?

What is sonp?

Of course, I was looking at it upside-down. The snack is a pairing of chips and salsa – "duos" not "sonp" or "soup" or whatever else my poor fuzzy brain was trying to conceptualize. At least I was alert enough to refuse ice with my beverage.

While away I started a sock. Then the Sock Madness 9 warm-up started, so I abandoned it started the first warm-up pattern, The Stroop Stroop Socks by Ros Clarke, then abandoned it too started the Round 1 qualifying pattern, Alohomora by Malena Anderson. (Doesn't everyone travel with yarn and needles sufficient for three projects?) Here's the Alohomora singleton.

Alohomora singleton

My poor fuzzy brain neglected to notice that the dread mods request a photo with markers on the sock indicating the pattern repeats to prove the sock was knit per the pattern (five blocks on the leg, six blocks on the foot). My sock was indeed knit to specs, and I'll provide photographic evidence... after I take a nice long nap.

ETA: Nap accomplished, here's the sock marked to show there are the regulation five blocks on the leg, six blocks on the foot, and a star toe. There's a giant image here.

Alohomora singleton, marked

As my Frankenfeet are not shaped like sharpened pencils that taper evenly to a point, but rather are pretty much wedge-shaped, a star toe is quite uncomfortable for me. I left a long tail in anticipation of tinking the star toe and re-knitting a wedge toe after the dread mods verify my sock status. I'd like to be able to finish the second sock in time to qualify for competition this year, which hasn't happened since 2010. Alas, lately that's not been entirely up to me. Should it be, patterns only status would be far more than OK – I'm grateful for the annual Madness.

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