Monday, March 16, 2015

Not Unlike Cowbell

The Sock Madness email that conveyed the happy news that I advance to Round 2 also contained a reminder to post more in-progress photos. To a process knitter that's not unlike telling the late Gene Frenkle, "More cowbell!" Can do, starting immediately, because once Round 1 was over, I frogged the to-me uncomfortable Alohomora star toes and knit wedge toes.

The process? First, I opened up the star toe and picked up stitches.

Undo star toe

Then I frogged the toe. I picked up stitches before frogging because the ribbing stitches of the foot would have splayed in opposite directions when frogged, which would have made picking up stitches after frogging a little fussy, particularly in this yarn, which tends to split and pill. Less fuss is a good thing.

Frogged toe

Next, I knit a wedge toe, which is more comfortable on my Frankenfeet than a star toe. Here's one star toe, one wedge toe.

One wedge toe, one star toe

Rinse, repeat. Here's two wedge toes.

Alohomora FO with wedge toes

I'm very happy with my pinky rainbowy Alohomora socks! It's just the palette I crave this time of year.

Alohomora modeled

After suitable jubilation, it occurs to me the Round 2 pattern is likely to drop when I'm on the road and unable to do much knitting or take many progress pix for that matter. Oh noes! Will I be able to advance? To be continued....

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SharonEBilowus said...

I ended up redoing the toes of my Alohomora's. Not because I didn't like the toe, but because my gauge must have been off and socks were too big for my size 9 1/2 feet. Pink and green yarn with silver thread was too girly to pass on to dear hubby.