Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lamentation Rules

Lamentation rules at casa Jersey Knitter. As of Bastille Day last Wednesday this was the sum total of my TdF spinning. The usual causes apply: too much traveling, not enough down time – a situation unlikely to be remedied for a while yet. Earlier this year I had my hopes up, but no. If anything, prospects are rather sadder than happier. ::Le sigh.::

TdF spinning as of Bastille Day

Consistent with my indecision (huh?) about what to spin, I kept changing my mind about how to spin the singles, even over this pitiably short length. Laceweight? Fingering?? Sportweight for weaving??? When I saw the Knitty surprise I briefly thought it should be fine laceweight for a fiery version of Ridge and Furrow shawl by Jenn Monahan, which would be fabulous. And it would be fun to spindle-spin 850 yards (777 m) of cobweb singles, oui? But, during times of lamentation, iron discipline applies – that's the rules. So, Imma gonna try to stay the course with sportweight for weaving.

Meanwhile, I finally finished my carbon footprint Juta's Stockings by Nancy Bush... then was utterly unable to take a decent pic of the FO, even with the aid of bright July light. This rather indistinct image is my best effort so far out of many. The socks are slightly different sizes because my gauge changes when I'm stressed. I've decided not to stress about it. The modeled shot will have to wait until cooler weather.

Juta's Stockings FO

Realization dawned that I never documented the FO for The Stroop Stroop Socks by Ros Clarke, a Sock Madness 9 pattern knit and completed for April Sockdown. I love the clever motifs – the sock is sprinkled with round ribbed and barred stroopwafels of varying sizes. Alas, my poor digicam is flummoxed by the tigerish yarn and cannot display the gentle beauty of the stitch pattern effectively.

The Stroop Stroop Socks

This hot day that's about all I can manage. More later, in the meantime, Allons-y!

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