Friday, October 30, 2015

Those Kacha Questions

Ordinarily I think of travel as a pleasure and privilege, but, astonishing to relate, not only is there such a thing as too much travel, there has been entirely too much of too much roundabout Exit 151. I'm exhausted, but am throwing down this post in order to avoid some gotcha questions of the sort that make one very tired indeed.

At least while traveling I started another sock, Cranberry Biscotti by Elizabeth Sullivan, worked in Spud & Chloë Fine, colors Clementine, Bumble Bee, and Popcorn. It's for October Sockdown, so I have 'til the end of November to finish.

Cranberry Biscotti wip

Which meant somewhat less progress than hoped-for on my airplane Owl Sock's. I hope to finish the pair by tomorrow to qualify for September Sockdown.

Owls Sock's mismatch

Despite using a Kacha-Kacha, the socks don't match. My Kacha-Kacha has always been reliable before. It's as if... as if... as if Obi-Wan Kenobi didn't help. Oh the enormity!

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