Thursday, December 31, 2015

Auld UFO Socks

It's New Year's Eve and yours truly is kicking back with a nice relaxing cuppa. In a tough year, peace and quiet and decent tea have been much-desired luxuries. Ah!

A nice relaxing cuppa

Also, in keeping with tradition at casa Jersey Knitter, behold the Singleton Socks of Shame! During the year no socks came down from the clothesline of shame, one went up for a total of eight Socks of Shame at year end 2015. Considering how rough the year has been, I'd say that's not too bad (even if one of the singletons is handspun).

Singleton Socks of Shame, year end 2015

Singleton Socks of Shame 2015, left to right, oldest to newest: Meadowlands, Fawkes, Julesokker, Love Me Knot, Clouds, Chain Link, Hanauma Bay, handspun Queen of Diamonds.

Last year a tender-hearted friend who doesn't knit misinterpreted the annual display as the kind of self-flagellation that possibly required intervention. That was, um, sweet, but I like to think knitters in general (and this one in particular) are more cheerful and resilient, less emo than that. To paraphrase the fabulous Ann Budd: Should auld UFO socks be forgot, and never brought to mind? Of course not! See you next year!

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