Monday, January 11, 2016

Coming and Going

Popping in to say I'm really liking Ekornsokkene by Pinneguri. I note that orange is not a favorite color, indeed, in my experience it's sometimes associated with considerable negativity. And yet sometimes things just come together. Here's the front of the sock.

Ekornsokkene wip, front

And here's the back of the sock. It's a nice view coming or going.

Ekornsokkene wip, back

It occurs to me that I knit socks with stranded colorwork and stripes last January. Those were happy socks, too. Yay, January happy socks!

It also occurs to me that I have no red shoes to show off in tribute to the fabulous David Bowie, 1947-2016. Then again, considering their fate at 2:57 in the music video, maybe that's not so bad. So instead of "Let's Dance," here's "Peace on Earth" from 1977.

Makes my eyes sting for more than one reason. Sigh.

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