Wednesday, May 25, 2016


My Ekornsokkene are finished, and I'm happy. It's my first FO for the One Sock KAL.

Ekornsokkene FO modeled

This was a fun pattern to knit. The colorwork band on the foot was so interesting, I rotated it on the second sock to show off the entire band on the tops of the socks. Here's the two tops.

Top o' the socks

And here's the two soles. It was interesting how the jog at the end of each round distorted the X motif more than the double-eight pretzel motif.

Sole o' the socks

Curiously, despite the sprightly squirrels on the legs, as the stripes progressed the socks began to remind me of woolly bear caterpillars, in a good way.

Ekornsokkene FO

It's said woolly bear caterpillars can predict the severity of the coming winter. I can never remember precisely how, something about the thickness of their color segments. No matter, this week's weather forecast is for sweltering summer temperatures!

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