Saturday, August 7, 2021


Inspired by Ravellenics WIPs Wrestling, I searched for (and retrieved from under the sofa) a UFO that is this close to being an FO. Half a foot is all that's lacking, literally. Put another way, between the two of them the socks have one-and-a-half feet or are, in literary terms, sesquipedalian.

Resuming Simple Skyp
There's a tale of sadness behind all this. Back in October 2019, a month after bellybuttonknits passed away and Before Covid, I finally started knitting a replacement with this yarn for my beady, tabi-toed Send in the Clowns socks that suffered a double blowout the year before. It felt right: there was a BBK memorial KAL and Clowns is a BBK pattern. But the yarn, lovely Three Irish Girls Adorn Luxe, colorway Big Bang, didn't want to be Clowns. Nor did it want to be Kilauea, another BBK pattern. Simple Skyp just worked better, so Simple Skyp it was.

Progress was rapid – then 2020 happened. That almost sounds like a punch line, or the equivalent of the ??? lacuna in the Profit meme. As in the meme I'm not completely sure how I got from 2019 to 2021 – eventful as 2020 was, some incidents stand out crisply, but the overall sweep of time is fuzzy. A lot of last year was like that. And at some point the UFO sock ended up under the sofa, not exactly lost, more like in need of finding.

The Ravellenics end tomorrow: while I doubt these socks will be finished in time, I don't doubt they will be finished soon thanks to the Ravellenic spirit. So maybe the socks will win no official glory, but seriously, they're socks and we're talking about fake Internet medals.

To be continued.

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