Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Stealthy, Short, and Dull

I neglected to mention that during my blogging hiatus I finished the January skein for my "downstream" Spin to Knit swap pal and started spinning the February skein. These are stealth projects; click on the photos to see what I'm blathering on about – at your own risk if you're in S2K.

S2K stealth photo 3   S2K stealth photo 4

The January skein is 110 yds (100 m) of 2-ply Merino sportweight, 12 wpi, shown with a dime for scale. It was spindle-spun from a beauteous Grafton Fibers batt. I love how the marled singles plied up. There was a bit of batt left over, which became a small experiment [Mwaaahaaha!].

I'm spinning the February skein from another Grafton Fibers Merino batt, perhaps even more beauteous. The laceweight singles is pictured on my high-tech storage system with a dime for scale.

S2K stealth photo 5   S2K stealth photo 6

Meanwhile, my "upstream" pal would seem to have gone walkabout. Pal o' mine, if you're out there in the cold, I hope you're OK.

ETA: Speaking of being OK, please send some love to trek, who just had the worst birthday ever.

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--Deb said...

Very beautiful--you should be so proud of yourself!