Wednesday, April 23, 2008

G is for Goodies

G is for goodies, two that I got and some linky love for everybody.

RosemaryPenannular heart pin generously gave some prizes to her Toque, Yo! test knitters and I got a Designs by Romi penannular pin [grin]. A heart, of course, because that's her signature design (pictured on an old gauge swatch). I love how it's not just for lace shawls, although it sure does make me think of making myself Muir. Thank you, Rosemary, I enjoyed test knitting and now can wear my heart on my sleeve, literally.

Last week I knit up some fingerless mitts from the Patons Soy Wool Stripes that Julie in Texas sent as part of a swap. It's colorway 70530 Natural Geranium. As with the last pair, these are sororal twins. Thanks again, Julie, these are perfect for when I get pinky on the brain, which has been known to happen.

Pink mitts

And here's three happy links:

Jessica is having a Summer of Socks 2008 Button Contest, through April 25. Which implies Summer of Socks is coming soon! (Be sure to sign up for free accounts on Flickr and Ravelry, if you haven't already.)

Knitty is celebrating their 50 millionth site visit with their biggest contest ever, through May 1.

Knitting Daily has made the Top Five Interweave Knits Readers' Choice patterns available as a free download through May 14.


Jessica said...

Love the mitts and the pin!! I would definitely be inspired to knit some lace for that pretty pin. Thanks for the SOS plug. :)

dragon knitter said...

so d oes that mean i should make your PIF gift pink? i'm designing something for you, and who knows, maybe i'll submit it to knitty, lol!

Nancy said...

Your pinky mitts are very pretty and I like the design of the heart pin.

Thanks for the heads up on the Knitty contest! I'm in contest mode and am feeling lucky today!

Kim said...

Nice prize pin & soy mitts. Thanks for the links to the contests. I can't believe SOS time is here again. Wow, time flies.