Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Better and Better

A while back Melissa asked for proof of sock knitting. It would seem some of her friends (dare I write it?) doubted the power of sock. I responded with an even dozen projects knit in the last year and she turned them into a collage of Sock Fame.

Collage of sock
Top: Sockapalooza 4 pal socks, Meadowlands, Trekking 126 socks, Sockapalooza 4 angel socks.
Middle: Embossed Leaves, Country Christmas socks, Birch Leaf, Sherbet Queen of the Jungle Stripe.
Bottom: mini-Monkey socks, Annetrelac, Ruffles & Bubbles, Tiit's Socks.

I am inordinately happy with my collage. It made me realize that, for me, sock knitting delivers the highest ratio of happiness and utility to time, money, and effort expended. It is good.

There was also a prize draw – I won three skeins of marled handspun goodness! I heart marled handspun.

Melissa's handspun

Thank you, Melissa! Sock Fame, a cosmic realization, and yarny goodness – what could be better?

Well, perhaps nothing in the knitblogging universe, but in a parallel dimension, the IRS decided my church denomination didn't break any rules after all, so it remains a tax-exempt organization. It's a complete vindication. Tralala.


Bezzie said...

Not to mention you've got nearly two weeks of laundry you could possibly go without doing with that many socks! ;-)

Nancy said...

What cool prize yarn! Keep on knitting those socks - I'm right there with you :o)

Kim said...

Great news on the church battles with the evil nasty-ass IRS. That's a terrific collage and some mighty fine prize yarn.

CrazyFiberLady said...

Some seriously awesome sockage there! Respect the power of sock :) Cool prize!

Excellent news on the IRS battle. Congratulations.

Deborah said...
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Deborah said...

one shouldn't attempt to be clever at minutes before midnight... I deleted my former comment. Suffice it to say that I love your sock testimonial and your church testimonial and the yarn testimonial...