Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Ravel*****s Triple Cast On

While I've been known to boycott the Olympics, I'm happy to participate in the nutty goodness that is the Ravel*****s.Ravelympics button The outpouring of generous creativity in the form of blog buttons alone is enough to sway me. This year I've joined three teams and amassed a project queue sufficient for a triple cast on (so to speak) on February 12.

By popular demand (and only a little ballot box-stuffing), my Team Jersey project will be Piscean Socks by Jessica, also known as singleton Sock of Shame #6

Singleton Piscean Sock

Ordinarily, completing a Sock of Shame project would mean knitting one sock for the WIPs Dancing event, but in this case I'll be attempting a pair. That's because the sock pictured was a test knit of a toe up pattern and, alas, most toe up socks don't fit my Frankenfeet. This sock, lovely as it is, is no exception (sigh). So I'll modify the pattern for top down with a Frankenfoot flap heel and gusset, knit two, and enter the pair in two events, Sock Hockey and Nordic Colorwork Combined. I'm not going to frog Aerial Unwind the toe up singleton unless I run out of yarn.

By a happy synchronicity, an SKA mod gave the nod to new iterations of old UFOs. So cuff down Piscean Socks also qualify for February Sockdown. If I don't finish in time to medal in the Ravel*****s, I'll have until the end of March to finish for Sockdown [g].

My Team Spindlers project is this cheerful Spunky Eclectic Superwash Corriedale roving, colorway Tahiti; the event is the Flying Camel Spin. My goal is to spin, ply, and finish enough fingering weight yarn for a pair of socks. The old STR put up was 320 yds (292 m), which seemed scanty to me, so I'll call that my minimum yardage to medal.

Spunky Eclectic Tahiti

I'd like to measure my spindling speed, too. I've read that the mighty Abby Franquemont averages between 200-300 yards (183-274 m) of singles per hour. Talk about Respect the Spindle! I've never timed myself, but would be amazed if I clocked in at half that rate (we'll see). I imagine speed is a matter of skill, materials, equipment, and technique. Regarding the last item, I usually sit and therefore wind on frequently, a time-consuming step – for the time trial maybe I should try standing or perching on a high stool.

Finally, my Team WIP projects include two instant gratification Aerial Unwind entries, Peace Socks (toe up socks just do not fit right) and languishing Titania. I'm trying hard to resist adding a WIPs Dancing entry, singleton Sock of Shame #2, which ran a distant third in the year end poll (Fox Faces (#11) was second, but it's already finished). Must resist.

Unlike last time, this Ravel*****s projects may be added or edited after the torch is lit. It's strangely reassuring to this process knitter to know that the option to lose my head altogether exists.

Redacted 6/26/12: The Ravelry event formerly known by a name that rhymes with and supposedly infringes on the Olympics™.


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I'll be honest, I don't understand the whole Ravelympics and the team stuff and whatnot. But excellent endeavors!

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