Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Knit of the Lepus

It is this knitter's considered opinion that some patterns drive one nuts because they can. Take, for example, this innocent-looking wip, Marshmallow Bunnies by Debra Baker.

Marshmallow Bunnies wip

Seriously, take it. It's gone to the frog pond twice already because the cuff will not fit over my heel. (Not to make invidious comparisons, but this was not an issue with Winter Garden.)

I have no choice but to go all EZ on this sock and mess with GAUGE. We'll see who prevails!


Deb Baker said...

I hope you'll make another attempt with this. When creating the pattern, I also had to be very careful with my stranding to make sure it was loose enough to fit over my heel. Any bigger on the stitch count and the rest of the sock was too loose. it can be done. There have been several successful attempts on Ravelry so I am positive you can do it too. :)

Ina said...

Thank you for the kind encouragement!