Sunday, May 6, 2012

A New Attitude

A good knit changes everything. String is transformed; so too, the knitter – perhaps even the world. Back when I was mightily annoyed with the all-male birth control panel, I started Scylla with my scariest sock yarn. In the process, I think I've stumbled upon a formula for toe-up socks that fit my Frankenfeet. It may not be on par with a cure for cancer, but my mood improved markedly.

Scylla socks

The knitting secret appears to be starting the gusset nearly an inch sooner than most toe-up patterns specify, thus knitting a deeper gusset. Scylla is written that way – I applied the principle to Dicey with success and plan to try it with Frick-N-Frack. It's so simple, yet I'm seriously chuffed. Let there be toe-up socks!

Frick-n-Frack in progress

As for transforming the world, I note the importance of having a new attitude is not to be dismissed lightly. I don't mean in this in a self-centered existential way – I'm not so egotistical as to think the world is solely my mental construct. Rather, it's a determination not to cede the power of self-definition to the bigots and bullies – religious and otherwise – by losing heart (or temper), succumbing to apathy, or failing to exercise power by, say, failing to vote.

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