Saturday, August 11, 2012

Broadcast Delays

Opinionated creature of teh Internet that I am, I have had my differences with the televised coverage of these Olympics™. In particular, I'm finding the incessant spoiler alerts on TV to be just bit twee – and they seem to be proliferating, too. In most branches of journalism, pre-cognition is a highly prized asset – witness the rush of the political reporters and pundits to reveal the finalist in the Republican veepstakes. But apparently in at least some sports reporting, preserving the "surprise" is important.

Lotus Heart singleton

As the level of my irritation barely rises to a peeve, I'll acquiesce and show off some Ravellenic Games knitting. Will I finish on time? Stay tuned for the results!

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Kaye said...

Shoot, my beloved NPR has been the big Olympic spoiler for me!

I'm just glad CC wasn't picked as Willard's running mate. But then again, maybe he should have been. We would have had a 2008 repeat with a "rogue" VP candidate which would have sealed the Democrats' fate. Ha ha!