Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Sorry for the long radio silence, I'm still here, still knitting, still blogging after another prolonged stint of being elsewhere, not knitting, and not blogging. All I can say is there's no place like home for the holidays, not to mention it would be really, really nice if I could stay still for a while.

With all the to-ing and fro-ing I neglected to post the FO photo for my Owl Sock's. It was a fun knit, and I'm glad I finally made some hartshorn cable owls. I'm equally happy my owls are on socks rather than on a larger garment. (YMMV, of course.) One reason I love to knit socks is the opportunity to try out patterns on a small scale, and the subsequent discovery scale matters.

Owl Sock's FO

Back in October I optimistically joined NaKniSweMo, a November knit-along. But I did a lot of traveling in November (and early December), and so swatchedNaKniSweMo button a lot but never really cast on. The plan was to knit a Striped Raglan Sleeve Sweater by Cheryl Kubat. The pattern indulges my inordinate love of Noro, and I hope to knit the sweater some day soon.

Sometime after November turned into December I cast on a sock for December Sockdown, By the Seine River by Dona Knits using Regia Design Line Jazz Color by Erika Knight, colorway Kind of Blue.

By the Seine River singleton

In my mind the sock was intended as a tribute or hommage to the victims and survivors of the November 13 terror attacks in Paris. Horrifying to relate, before I cast on there were jarring incidents of mass violence closer to home – so many that one can speak of repeated exposure, terror management theory, and "How Terror Hardens Us." Apparently it's not by imparting a strong desire to learn useful survival skills, but by irrationally reinforcing existing prejudice and hatred. I wonder if that applies to other kinds of trauma as well and if one simply gets swept along helplessly or if it's even possible to resist unreason by standing still.

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