Tuesday, June 21, 2005

First Metric

It's the first day of summer and a time of other firsts as well.

Blog-building continues apace. The newly installed web counter by Stat Counter has even provided a first metric: over the weekend, the first few visitors surfed by (joy!), but before I had any pix of my knitting to show off (chagrin!). Strange how physical measurement is so allied with swiftly turning mental duality.

Fortunately, remedies are near at hand. My digicam is not responding to its programming, so George obligingly took some time after today's editorial meeting to take pix with his. They will be uploaded over the next few days. Thanks, George!

The first image up is the old jersey below and in the sidebar, a detail of Great Plains from the Kaffe Fassett Studio, worked in Rowan Cotton Glace, Wool Cotton, Seabreeze, and Nice Cotton. The pattern is in Rowan 11.

Photo of Great Plains sweater

Fittingly, this 1991 design was Brandon Mably's first for Rowan. It's a clever study in color - there are 21 colors in the sweater, but only two are in use at any given time. Even so, as with many gloriously colored sweaters, the amount of weaving-in required is monumental.

Another first for today: I registered for a metric century, a 100 km (62 mi) bicycle tour sponsored by the Princeton Free Wheelers. It's my first attempt at a true distance event - my first metric.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there! Here is your Secret Pal :) Just wanted to say hi and get to know you a little. I stand by for more pics and more entries! Expect package in the mail soon...

Take care, your SP.