Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Flourish & Socks

First, a flourish [TA-DA!!!]. Then, socks.

Gryffindor team socks

I'd like to thank all who entered the Gryffindor team socks giveaway. As the Goblet of Fire was otherwise occupied, I used an old-fashioned table of random numbers to select a recipient from among the many entries. The lucky recipient is ThreeOliveMartini. The socks are on their way to her via Owl Post the Postal Service. Please go congratulate her – and please, no sore loser hexes.

Meanwhile, the Holiday Sox Exchange has started with a flourish, yea, even a bang! I've contacted my pal (giftee) and also have heard from my pal (gifter), which sets a new record for promptness. This is going to be a great exchange.

That leaves me pondering a favorite topic... yarn. I'm thinking of making solstice socks for my pal. Maybe using a gold-burnt sienna-bittersweet colorway or maybe a purple-midnight-royal blue colorway?

Yarn for solstice socks   More yarn for solstice socks

Hm, decisions, decisions.


ThreeOliveMartini said...

Ina.. thanks so much !!!

i cant believe i won!!.. this is just the pick up i needed this week .. and my niece will be the happiest girl in the world when i show up with these babies !!

Anonymous said...

Prawns are not always noted for their color sense and this is a shame, ok? We usually have pretty good taste. I vote for the sienna/gold/warm colorway...