Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sockapaloooza Preantepenultimate

A bit of erudition, courtesy of Tola Faery commenting on Alison's post: the ultimate is the end, the penultimate is almost the end, the antepenultimate is before almost the end, and the preantepenultimate is before that.

The key in such a thicket of wordswordswords is, of course, to know where one is. When it comes to Sockapaloooza, Pam's angel socks, worked in Trekking #129, are almost finished. Here they are in their penultimate glory.

Pam's penultimate socks

I need to weave in a few ends, give 'em a bath, and find some goodies to keep them company before sending them on their way. I have a couple deadlines this week, so will finish and mail them next week.

Meanwhile, Katherine reports that her Sockapaloooza socks, beaded rib with beads, are lost in space (!). That is something up with which I will not put (!!!), so I'm knitting her a replacement pair, currently in the preantepenultimate stage.

Katherine's preantepenultimate sock

Although it's 10 degrees F cooler today (85 F or 29 C), it's still too hot roundabout Exit 151 to fuss. This is your basic spiral rib athletic sock that, like MacBeth, has gotten beady ambition (see the beads?). It's worked in Trekking #100. Toiling and boiling to follow.


trek said...

"That is something up with which I will not put"

Good prevention of the dangling preposition. ;o)

Emma said...

Glad to see you're beating the heat by knitting cozy socks for others. Love the beaded socks--it's going to be lovely!

Pam said...

I peaked!! I love the socks! Wonderful work on getting the stripes all matching. As a retired English teacher of 30+ years, I also love the word play and grammar comments. Thank you so much, Ina.

Pam said...

Yikes--pushed "send" too soon... Exactly why I do not have a blog! I did "peak" as well as "peek"--thanks