Monday, October 8, 2007

Must Be the Heat

It's Columbus Day, yet the lawn looks like August [sigh] and the tomato patch is still going strong – lush foliage, lots of flowers, plenty of fruit. Not to mention I can't find matching gloves. Strange.

Columbus Day tomatoes

The unseasonable warmth makes me wish I had planted melons this year. And for some reason I'm thinking this...

Knitting needles etc
Size 19 (15 mm) oak knitting needles with size 2 (2.75 mm) bamboo and size 6 (4 mm) walnut needles, bamboo chopsticks, and ash baseball bat for scale

plus this...

Colinette Tagliatelli, a tape yarn, in colorway Venezia

is a good idea for Rhinebeck.


Jeanne said...

Beautiful tomatoes and yarn!

Devorah said...

You're going to knit with the baseball bat? No, wait, I got it! Hm ... ribbon and 19s ... can't wait to see it!

Bezzie said...

Blech. I'm hating this weather--this is why I LEFT Texas! Nice tomato haul though!

Kim said...

Tomatoes galore! That's one good thing about this October heat. Whatever are you going to make with that luscious colored yarn?!