Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Noodling Along

Today it's MUCH cooler (and raining) and Tagliatelli on big needles still makes sense, so I'm noodling along. Although the original plan, Sandpiper, got scrapped because I couldn't stand using the heavy, cumbersome baseball bats size 19 (15 mm) needles. Plan B is a modified version of Deep Breath by Kirsten Hipsky, a top-down, in the round, no seams boatneck sweater, on size 15s (10 mm). Here's a semi-formless blob progress photo.

Tagliatelli WIP

Even these needles are so monstrous that none of my stitch markers fit. I'm using cabone rings instead. I bought a package of cabone rings in the last millennium (I dimly recollect it was for crocheted buttons) and haven't used it up yet. It may well be a lifetime supply.

I'm loving the sweater, but... with the smaller (comparatively) needles, I worry that the burn rate is too high. Oh gah. The sweater is shaping to be another round in the epic struggle, Jersey Knitter versus the Not Enough Yarn Banshee.


Jeanne said...

Gorgeous yarn! I hope you have enough for the sweater!

Deborah said...

The 'not enough yarn banshee', I've been told, can be abolished by some math configurin but since I don't do math, that b$%$#@h is always hanging around WITH her sister the 'gauge out your eyes' brat!