Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cherryblossomland 2011

Last week was a trying one roundabout Exit 151, which made cherry blossom viewing in Branch Brook Park all the more consoling. Even though sometimes it rained like crazy so my viewing was done from inside the car. (The blurry spots in the photo are rain on the windshield.)

Cherryblossom viewing from the car

Sometimes the trees were tempest-tossed. Like most spring-flowering plants, cherryblossom trees are tougher than they look. If it weren't for the rain, wind, and flooding, this year was one of the more spectacular.

I was hoping to go on the Brick City Bike Collective Cherry Blossom Bike Tour to honor fallen sakura cyclists.Cherry Blossom Bike Tour logo Branch Brook Park in bloom season is my favorite spring bike ride. But there were three funerals at Church of the Improv this weekend, all beloved members of the community who left it when released from their ravaged bodies, although too soon for the rest of us. So instead of going on a memorial ride, I attended the memorial services and pondered impermanence and mortality.

And I finished my languishing Tokena singleton, a Sock Madness pattern from two years ago. I quit working on it when I was eliminated from competition, but I always return to my UFOs eventually.

Tokena singleton inside out

Given the hiatus, I was concerned there might be gauge issues upon resuming knitting. But as this inside out view shows, there weren't, which is something to smile about.

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~RaenWa~ said...

Cherry Blossoms trees are gorgeous. I have always enjoyed looking at them.

Your sock came out nice I like the colors together.